Following services available for the trade:




Acting like an anonymous guest, I will dine at your location, assess all aspects of the experience and present a full, detailed evaluation of the experience, outlining areas of strength and areas of opportunity. (wine list, cocktail list, service etc.)


  • Staff Training: Specially designed courses covering wine knowledge/service and customer psychology as for the staff to become confident wine advisors. Tips and tricks on how to increase wine sales

  •  Wine List Design: Revising and design of a unique wine list as to meet your sales goals, matching your customer needs,  your cuisine & your accountant needs too by incorporating better priced wines and current trends as well as getting the most out from your wine suppliers.

  • Cellar & Stock Management: Effective inventory, rotation, storage, mark up, sales by date etc

  • Cocktail Menu Design and Bar service: It is a very specific area, that I am not expert in but I have few very good Bartenders on hand I can get you in touch with for this part.






Following services available for the private customers:



  • Cellar Evaluation: If you have any bottles or a full cellar and you are guessing if it still good and how much it is worth, then I can help


  • Cellar Filling: Based on your preferences, I will introduce you to some of my favourite wines, most of them never seen in a shop, my way to proceed is to organize a tasting for you then we can decide on how many you want and get it delivered to your door.


  •  Wine Investment: In this tormented economic period where shares falls very hard wine had a proven record of stability and healthy growth, I myself invest on a regular basis in fine wines and bargains I get from reliable sources. If you want to get tips and recommendations, as well as about where to store, insurances etc, let me know.


  • Private Sommelier: If you have a special party or office reception and want to add a piece of class with your own Sommelier taking care of the food pairings, introducing and serving your wines, sakes, as well as entertaining your guests