In charge of the wine service, the selection and permanent review of the drinks list and responsible for training the other restaurant staff but also having a strong understanding of cellaring, stock control and accounting.



The Sommelier works closely with the Chef on pairing the dishes with the various wines and drinks available as to offer the best dining experience, but will be mainly seen on the floor in contact with the customers, having to be very attentive to the clients needs as to provide them with what is the most appropriate within their taste and budget preferences.

What I am offering:

Having a permanent Sommelier working within the premises is not always an absolute necessity but taking regular advices from one can only lead to an improved drinks selection and service as well as better stock management.

It should not be seen as a luxury but an added benefit and great improvement having a long term profit for restaurant owners, waiters and their customers.


As an example, imagine two eateries side to side, offering the same cuisine but with two very different wine attitudes:



Restaurant A:
They buy all their wines from a very large company, being only interested to get the
bargains as to maximize the profit, without tasting and just relying on the recommendations of a sales person. Trouble: these products are also available at the Off license round the corner and when their diners find out the wine from the shop is the same and cost only a fraction from the wine list they felt cheated and do not take this restaurant seriously. Beside the same attitude goes with a poor wine service (like filling the glass to the top hoping to sale another bottle as quickly as possible or leaving a bottle of white on the table rather than in a wine bucket)

Restaurant B:
They get help from an independent Sommelier who, after doing a full review, will select wines being perfectly suitable for the food and style of the place. Wines offering great value but hard to find. Beside, by giving simple but full of senses training to the waiting staff the understanding and service of drinks will improve greatly to everybody
s satisfaction.



Conclusion, between A & B, if you have to come back to eat, where will you go again?

Did you know? The number one reason that people do not return to a restaurant is because of poor customer service. Do not let poor customer service ruin the success of your business!