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With an average of £50 a head per meal and a strong ultra-competitive market where there is no room for mistakes, as the diners are increasingly demanding for excellent value for money, it all important for owners to look at their wine service and what is on offers on their drinks list (both being unfortunately far too often neglected).

London is one of the best place for discovering cooking from all around the world. Londoners do eat out a lot which is why the 6.000 restaurants available are rather busy.




About me, I am Jean-Louis Naveilhan, I am currently the head Sommelier for a famous Japanese restaurant and I had been in the wine trade for 18 years with half of my career here in London.

I have a long experience as a Sommelier and in the drinks retail, my knowledge’s had been broaden  with the discovery of the wines and sakes coming from all around the world to London as well as extended trips abroad and working in wine production (I was much younger then...) 

A permanent contact with the suppliers, customers and fellow trade members get me all the resources I need to now being able to share my passion for sourcing wines and drinks offering great character and since I always wanted to give back what I learned, setting up a consultancy service for restaurants and private customers made a complete sense for me.


Cheers! Santé! Kampai!







some Facts and Figures


 The popularity of eating out has increased considerably in the last decade with an estimate of over 30% of expenditure on food being spent on eating out.


Londoners spend 40% more on meals in restaurants, away from the home, than the national average.

The expenditure on the food away from home increased in Restaurant sector changes between 3 – 9% every year.

Britons continue to dine out more often than their European and American counterparts, according to market researcher Datamonitor, buying an average of 633 meals outside the home a year, compared with 614 in the USA, and spending an average of £1,224 a head.